Experienced Brisbane Northside handyman services

As fully licensed handymen in Brisbane’s Northside, we can help with a wide variety of jobs across your entire home. We repair holes, clean gutters, mow lawns and do everything in between. Contact us for a quick quote at an affordable price, and we’ll get your job done quickly for you.

If you’re looking to hire a qualified and experienced handyman in Brisbane’s Northside, you’ve come to the right place.

Handyman Brisbane Northside Reviews

“Super friendly, efficient and did an amazing and affordable job for us.”

—Phil Winton 

“5 star—fast and efficient. Highly recommended.”

—Krystal Anderson

“Morgan was reliable, punctual, and friendly. He did a great job with the work around my place.”

—Maria Helen Hulse

“OMG where have you been all my life? Morgan is amazing! He is friendly, helpful, flexible, efficient and does great work. I will no longer be nagging my hubby to do things around the house. I will be calling Morgan and you should too!”

—Tracie-Lee Symons 

“Alpha Home Maintenance did an amazing job at our house. They were prompt, efficient, professional and listened to what we needed and got the jobs done to a high standard. Even cleaned up afterwards A great cost effective service”

—Cindy Franklin 

“Morgan completed a fence for me to a very high standard at a great price. Morgan is a friendly, reliable, polite, hardworking young man. I would use his services again and highly recommend him.”

—Sharryn Edwards 

Handyman Brisbane Northside—why we’re the best

✔️ Tell us what you’d like to do, and one of our polite and skilled Brisbane Northside handymen will get it sorted for you. ✔️ Our handyman quotes are highly competitive for Brisbane’s Northside, and the quality of our work is excellent. ✔️ We have been completing handyman jobs for years, and can tackle almost anything you throw at us.
✔️ We can help you get your time back by doing those annoying odd jobs that you’ve been putting off. ✔️ We won’t leave until you’ve reviewed and approved our work. We stand by our high quality! ✔️ We are always on time, reliable, and flexible too. We can work weekends if there’s an emergency you need help with.


✔️We’ve collected all of the necessary tools over the years, so you don’t have to waste your money at Bunnings. ✔️ We treat your home like our own, and ensure that the area is completely clean when we’re done. ✔️ As qualified carpenters, our Brisbane Northside handyman team can fix doors, trims, casing, decking, and other timber areas of your home.

Handyman services Brisbane Northside—jobs that we complete


Brisbane Northside Handyman Difficulty ⭐⭐

Graffiti removal: We have high pressure cleaners and powerful chemical cleaners to get rid of graffiti.

Bathroom repairs: We can fix all kinds of simple bathroom problems like leaky taps, damaged grouting, and more.

Plaster repairs: Plasterboard repairs might include cracking, bulging, or loose parts of your wall.

Hole reparation: We can quickly fix plasterboard or drywall holes, and find a close paint to match the colour.

General maintenance

Brisbane Northside Handyman Difficulty ⭐

Odd jobs: Odd jobs are our speciality! We can complete jobs for pretty much every area of your home, including fixes, cleaning, restoration, and much more.

You might like us to help you fix your fly screen, whippersnip your hedge, hang a straight picture, or something else.

High pressure cleaning: We have a powerful high pressure washer that will blast the dirt away from your outdoor areas, including your driveway, patio, decking, garage, and garden slabs.

Doors & windows

Brisbane Northside Handyman Difficulty ⭐

Door installations: Have a new door that needs to be installed? We’ll get it done with the proper gaps above and below.

Fly screen fixes: We fix fly screens of all types, including aluminium, steel, and fibreglass.

Glass replacement: If your kids have put a soccer ball through a window, we can source the glass and get it fixed for you.

Blind repairs: Blinds stuck or broken? That’s a common one for us, and we can fix it quickly.


Brisbane Northside Handyman Difficulty ⭐⭐

Gates: If your gate is stuck, won’t close, or has a broken lock, we can take a look and get it fixed for you.

Pool fencing: Pool fencing needs to be safe and secure, and we can fix any holes, breakages, or other issues for you.

Timber fencing: Timber can rot and bend over time, and we have repaired plenty of these kinds of issues over the years.

Iron and aluminium fencing: We can restore your wrought iron fencing, or keep your aluminium fencing in great condition. We also work with Colorbond.


Brisbane Northside Handyman Difficulty ⭐⭐

Garden maintenance: We’ll restore your garden to a beautifully-trimmed oasis.

Paving: We can pressure clean your dirty paving, or make repairs if necessary.

Lawn mowing: There’s plenty of rain and sun in Brisbane, and we can get your lawn under control again.

Landscaping: We complete basic landscaping tasks to improve your garden’s design.

Gutter cleaning: We’ll remove the leaves from your gutters and prevent rain from pooling on your roof.

Roof fixes: Hole reparation, broken tiles, and more.


Brisbane Northside Handyman Difficulty ⭐⭐

Interior or exterior painting: We can paint small areas for you or entire rooms, inside and out.

Fencing: We’ll rejuvenate your fence with a thorough clean, varnish, or a fresh lick of paint.

Wood staining: We can stain your fencing, timber decking, and other wooden areas of your home to protect it from the elements, and make it more vibrant.

Varnishing: We’ll protect your external decking or fencing by applying a top layer of varnish, to keep the intense rain or sunshine out. This will also make it much more vibrant.

Flooring & tiling

Brisbane Handyman Difficulty ⭐

Carpet cleaning: We can spot clean or deep clean your entire carpet for you, to restore its colour.

Sanding: We can sand tables, chairs, or any other wooden items that you want to restore. We can varnish them too if you need.

Grout cleaning: Removal of stubborn dirt and mould from grouting, particularly in the shower.

Resealing: We can reseal your entire bathroom or kitchen to keep water out of your walls and floors.

Driveways: Cleaning and reparations to your driveway.


Brisbane Handyman Difficulty ⭐⭐⭐

Floor repair: We can fix broken tiles, timber boards, carpets, laminate, and more.

Damaged decking: If your deck is starting to crack or become heavily damaged, we can try to fix the beams, or replace them entirely for you.

Furniture assembly (flat pack) or repair: We’ve assembled plenty of furniture, and we can put it together for you in a jiffy.

Various carpenter handyman jobs: As qualified North Brisbane carpenter handymen, we can complete pretty much any carpentry job that you need.


Brisbane Handyman Difficulty ⭐⭐⭐

Plasterboard: We can repair plasterboard walls and ceilings throughout your home, whether they are broken, cracked, bulging, shrinking, or have holes in them. We can also work with gyprock.

Dry wall: Similarly to plasterboard, we can easily fix holes in drywall, or repair other forms of damage.

Cornice repairs: If your cornicing has started to crack or crumble, we can replaster the damage and get it looking good as new for you.

Handyman services Brisbane Northside—essential info

What is a handyman?

A handyman is someone who completes an assortment of maintenance tasks around a home, both indoor and outdoor. Rather than specialising in a single practical skill such as plumbing or electricity, a handyman is a jack-of-all-trades who can turn their hand to almost any job. In saying this, many handymen do become accredited in trades such as carpentry, plumbing, mechanics, and painting, as it helps to improve their skill and effectiveness in their role. But at heart, a handyman prides himself on being able to tackle every common job around the house, so you don’t have to.

A mobile handyman is simply a handyman who visits your home—that’s to say, a regular old handyman!

Why use a Brisbane Northside handyman?

Homes require ongoing maintenance, and you may not have the experience, the tools, or the time to complete the work. That’s what makes a handyman so useful—he (or she) often works on these kinds of maintenance issues every single day, and so they quickly build up the necessary experience to get them done quickly. They might also be qualified in a trade such as carpentry, plumbing, or bricklaying, which allows them to tackle a wider variety of jobs.

FAQs – Handyman Services Brisbane North

  • Are you a carpenter handyman in North Brisbane?

    We have qualified North Brisbane carpenter handymen who can help with your flooring, fencing, doors, windows, and any other woodwork throughout your home. We can even build brand new furniture for you if you need. We have the skills and tools for all of your carpentry needs.

  • What are your payment terms?

    Our payment terms are seven days after the invoice is issued. This should give you plenty of time to settle the invoice, and we accept credit card payments, bank transfers, and cash payments.

  • Do you work weekends?

    We are happy to complete urgent jobs on weekends, such as plumbing issues, overflowing gutters, roof fixes, and others. Just give us a call and we’ll talk about your problem and how quickly we can fix it for you. Our licensed handymen do our best to get to your property ASAP, especially if there’s a risk of expensive damage occurring.