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At Alpha Home Maintenance, we offer premium property maintenance services in Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

Our professional tradesmen have years of experience with Brisbane property maintenance and can restore your rental home or commercial office property to its best. We’ll provide a superquick quote with a competitive price, and get the job done quickly.

Strata and commercial property maintenance services Brisbane

We complete Brisbane property maintenance for a variety of commercial buildings like offices, shops, and restaurants, as well as residential strata properties such as apartment complexes.

For commercial buildings, keeping them in good condition is extremely important. It stops small problems from turning into big expensive problems, increases the building’s “life expectancy,” keeps staff and customers happy, and most importantly, helps the business to run smoothly and profitably.

For strata properties, staying on top of repairs with preventative property maintenance also helps to avert future disasters, and keeps tenants happy. Strata committees or estate agents usually want a single property maintenance professional to take care of their properties, and we are more than capable of taking on that role. We’ll help to keep your strata properties in excellent shape, whichever Brisbane suburb they may be in.

We take on pretty much every Brisbane property maintenance job—simple repairs like blind fixes, repairing holes, fixing doors and flooring, and much more. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle everything, whether for commercial or strata buildings.

These are some of the typical jobs that we tackle, although there’s plenty missing from this list. If you don’t see your job included, please contact us and we’ll let you know whether we can help (we almost always can).

General Property Repairs

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We can fix all kinds of common issues for properties: patching holes in the wall, sealing draughty windows or doors, securing loose floorboards, repairing sticking doors, fixing blinds, and fixing lights, to name a few. If something needs fixing for your property, we can fix it.

Small Building Works

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We can complete basic building work like plasterboard or drywall installation, installing or repairing broken cornicing, fixing door trims, and a whole lot more. We can’t complete anything structural, but we can do plenty of small building jobs if you need us to.

Carpentry Requirements

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As qualified carpenters, we can take on any carpentry work you need. This includes floor installation or repair, fixing damaged decking, and installing or repairing fences and gates. We can even design and craft something new for you if you need it.

Painting & Restoration

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Whether it’s small patches or entire rooms, we can complete simple painting jobs for you. This includes fencing, decking, and any other areas that need to be restored. We can also stain and varnish fencing or flooring if you need us to.

Pressure Cleaning

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The outsides of commercial buildings and strata properties can quickly get grotty, and we have a premium, high-powered pressure washer to blast the dirt away. We can clean external walls, garages, decks, patios, and more.

Gardening & Landscaping

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We are happy to take care of simple gardening jobs like mowing lawns for common areas, trimming hedges, and whipper snipping. We can also do some basic landscaping if you need us to, including turfing, laying paving stones and adding new plants.

We’re one of the best property maintenance companies Brisbane wide

Property maintenance can be tough for a strata manager or property manager—there’s always so much to do, and it can be tough to find reliable people who complete a range of services. At Alpha Home Maintenance, we have the expertise, experience, and tools to complete your Brisbane property maintenance jobs quickly, to a good standard, and at a competitive price.

Property maintenance - House painting

Commercial property maintenance Brisbane

We complete Brisbane commercial property maintenance jobs for businesses across the city and surrounding areas. This includes:

  • Offices, including suites
  • Retail / shops
  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars
  • Multi-dwelling units with common areas like swimming pools, gyms, and car parks
  • Hotels, motels, and Airbnb properties
  • Industrial spaces like manufacturing plants, warehouses, workshops, and data centres

We are highly personable tradespeople who will keep to ourselves and get the job done quickly. We understand how important it is to keep your business running smoothly, and our goal is to complete the work while keeping disruption to a minimum for your staff and customers.

Safety is also a huge priority for us: we maintain strict safety rules like cordoning off certain areas while working and thoroughly testing the work that we complete to ensure that it is safe. We also have public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance, to give you peace of mind.

Our service includes an assessment of the problem that you’d like us to fix, a quote on the work, completion of the work, and a thorough clean-up. Once the work is completed, you won’t know we’ve been there.

If the job is complex and will take longer than a day, we’ll project manage everything for you, and provide you with clear expectations on the job’s length, the work we’ll be completing, and when it will be completed. We’ll also work out the most appropriate and least disruptive times for us to visit.

✔️ We’ll keep your commercial building maintained to a high level, to keep things running smoothly and avoid expensive future repairs

✔️ We’ll stay out of people’s way as best we can, so that your customers can shop and your staff can continue working without issues

✔️ We have strict safety rules while working, to protect your customers and staff members. Our safety record is impeccable.

✔️ We can tackle every kind of property maintenance Brisbane job for commercial properties, including carpentry, flooring, painting, and all manner of general repairs

✔️ We’ve been maintaining commercial properties for years, and have the specialist tools needed for pretty much every job

✔️ If there are multiple solutions to a problem, we’ll explain each of them, provide quotes, and let you decide how to proceed


✔️ Our pricing is extremely competitive and affordable, and the quality of our work is excellent. We won’t leave until you’ve approved and signed off on our work

✔️ We’re prompt, dependable, and always arrive at the agreed time to complete your maintenance work so that you can keep your business running

✔️ We’ll arrange a time that best suits your business, and can even work on weekends for especially urgent jobs


Strata property maintenance Brisbane

We complete Brisbane property maintenance jobs for strata committees, executive committees, and body corporates who trust the quality of our work. This includes common general property maintenance issues like repairs, floor, tile, and window cleaning, garden management, and much more. If you need a building repair partner who can take care of all of your Brisbane property maintenance needs on a regular basis, we are happy to help.

We have two primary goals for our property maintenance work in Brisbane:

  • We will complete it on time for you
  • We will complete it on budget for you, and at an affordable price

By sticking strongly to these values, we have built an extensive list of Brisbane clients who need regular property maintenance. We regularly work on apartment complexes, townhouses, and other units, communicating with both the committee or body corp directly, as well as renters. All of our property maintenance experts are highly professional, extremely courteous, and excellent at their jobs. They are licensed tradesmen who can fix pretty much anything you throw at them.

When we undertake property maintenance jobs for your strata committee, you’ll only have to deal with a single reliable company. We’ll select the right tradesperson for the job, and ensure that it’s completed to an excellent standard. Our quotes/invoices are broken down into the work completed, and extremely easy to understand.

Need a job done quickly? We are happy to fix urgent maintenance issues for you, and pride ourselves on our quick response times, quick quotes, and fast repairs. We have honed our management procedures down to a ‘T’, which allows us to rapidly respond and fix any Brisbane property maintenance issues that crop up.

Our primary goal is to keep your property owners and renters as happy as possible while keeping costs affordable and hassle to a minimum. We keep costs down by selecting the right professional for the job, who can fix the property maintenance issue super quickly, and to the client’s satisfaction.

Property Maintenance Brisbane — Expert Tips

What is property maintenance?

Property maintenance is the upkeep of a property, to ensure that it remains free in good condition, and can continue to function as expected. This can include repairing general wear and tear, cleaning, safety checks, carpentry, tiling, and a whole lot more. Property maintenance can include work on the outside of the building such as the roof or brickwork, any fixtures within the home such as lights, doors, and windows, any appliances within the home such as dishwashers and dryers, and any garden jobs such as mowing, fixing fences, and cleaning gutters.

For larger Brisbane properties such as apartment complexes, there might be a team of property maintenance workers. This might include a property manager, and maintenance technician, and a number of other professionals.

Property Maintenance

Types of Brisbane commercial property maintenance

There are a number of different approaches to Brisbane property maintenance, and each of them is important—those who consistently maintain their property are likely to save money in the long run.

1. Regular property maintenance Brisbane

Regular property maintenance includes routine jobs such as cleaning air conditioning filters, mowing lawns, and pressure-washing paving.

2. Preventative property maintenance Brisbane

Preventative property maintenance is a proactive approach to tackle problems before they occur, such as checking for leaks, fixing roof tiles, and more. It’s routine maintenance of a property’s components. Other examples include:

  • Cleaning or replacing air conditioner filters
  • De-weeding a garden
  • Checking for leaky pipes
  • Resealing tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, and recaulking
  • Repainting to extend the life of the building
  • Pest inspection

3. Corrective property maintenance Brisbane

Corrective property maintenance is fixing problems that crop up, whether big or small. These can be expensive, which is why it’s better to anticipate problems if possible.

4. Cosmetic property maintenance Brisbane

Cosmetic property maintenance is fixing things that aren’t causing problems but are an eyesore. Common fixes would include holes in the wall, removing graffiti, and more.

Hedge Trimming

What are the benefits of Brisbane property maintenance services?

Property maintenance is a critical, ongoing project for homeowners or building managers. Keeping a property well-maintained will preserve its value, save money by fixing problems before they arise, and keep the residents of the property happy.

While it’s possible to complete some property maintenance yourself, some jobs require particular tools and skills to complete, so it’s often more cost-effective to hire a professional handyman or tradesman for the job.

FAQs – Commercial Property Maintenance Brisbane

  • Which areas of Brisbane do you provide commercial property maintenance?

    We cover the northside and southside of Brisbane, which includes pretty much every suburb in the city. We look after apartment complexes and other properties across the whole of Brisbane and work closely with many strata committees and body corporates.

  • How much do typical Brisbane property maintenance companies charge?

    When property maintenance is completed, you can expect to pay between $40 to $90 p/hr1, but it depends on the person’s skill, experience, and the job being completed.

    Some companies will supply a property maintenance price list, but because every job is unique, most quote on a job-by-job basis.

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  • Who is responsible for property maintenance of a rental property?

    According to the RTA, the property manager or owner is responsible for maintaining the property, to ensure it remains in a good condition. All the tenant needs to do is keep it clean and free from damage.

    If you’re wondering who is responsible for rental property lawn maintenance, it’s the tenant, unless it’s stipulated otherwise in the lease agreement.

  • Do I need to supply tools to a property maintenance worker?

    No—as a versatile tradesman, a property maintenance worker should be equipped with a variety of tools for a range of jobs. This includes spanners, hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, saws, and drills, to name a few. They should have every tool needed for your job! Our team of Brisbane property maintenance experts have everything we could need fo a wide range of jobs, so we’re always ready to respond quickly to get the job done.

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